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Why don't you kill the unsocialised strays?

If the unsocial strays were killed , it creates what is known as a vacuum effect, whereby other entire cats can migrate into the territory, and the cycle of breeding and unwanted litters would start over. Additionally, CRW is a 'No Kill' charity and our volunteers would not feel comfortable taking a healthy stray to be put down. These cats may be unowned but they are not unloved. 

I would like to donate some items?

That's great, we always accept cat food and litter, which you can drop off at either New World.

Items such as bedding, carriers, toys and food bowls are welcome so long as they are in good condition and have been recently cleaned and disinfected. Please contact us to confirm delivery location. 

Do you have a shelter we can come and visit?

We are a 100% volunteer organisation and operate solely out of volunteers homes. 

I have found a cat, what should I do?

There are a few different avenues depending on the situation.

Please don't uplift or feed the cat. Follow the above advice, if the cat is still returning or you are concerned please contact us or the local vet.

What is Trap, Neuter, Return?

Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) is an international practice considered to be the best way to manage stray and feral cat populations. Desexing and returning cats to their original location creates a stable, non-breeding population; the cats are familiar with the area and aggression between males. 

What is Ear Tipping? 

When a stray cat has been TNR'd the tip of the left ear is cut off. This identifies them as an individual who has been desexed and is now a non-breeding community cat. 

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