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Fox & Jynx

Fox (m) and Jynx (f)

Welcome to the wonderful world of Fox and Jynx. Fox (boy) and Jynx (his sister) were literally raised from the gutter, having been found on the side of the road in Hawea and they’ve showed their gratitude ever since! 
Fox is an adventurous, talkative and often floppy boy who loves to play and tell you how his day is going. Jynx was always a little more timid than her big bro but she warms up quick and her personality is really beginning to shine through. Both love to be around their foster parents but they’re equally happy playing and chasing each other or an empty box.  
These siblings would suit most houses with space to zoom and roam, and will benefit from lots of play and continued socialising. They’ll make a great addition to your home.



Male, approx. DOB March 2021

Mercury is a very loving cat, once he's got to know you. He's wary of new faces but you can win him round over time, he's an avid and able hunter and also loves to play with his toys too. He loves his food, and trying to steal ours... he's very cheeky but too cute not to love. Loves a snuggle and a nap in between his outdoor adventures. Would suit being the only animal in the house as he isn't very good at socialising or sharing... and would probably suit an adult only home as is easily frightened by young children. Mercury is a lovely boy and has lots of love to give.



Female, approx. DOB September 2020

Jelly is extremely loveable and is a ferocious cuddler once she is comfortable with you. However, she can be nervous and fearful due to a turbulent start in life and so she takes a wee while to warm up to new people. Jelly is blind in her right eye, but this doesn’t seem to her effect her in the slightest. She has a slightly wild side, and maybe always will, but I find that endlessly charming and interesting and I know someone else will too. She is full of beans and very active, and loves to be up high. She adores her tinkly toy balls and little red woollen mouse to play with and definitely needs plenty of interactive play time. She will follow you everywhere - inside and out - and just wants to be close/involved in whatever you are doing. She would be best suited to a house without other pets due to her nervousness. But with lots of love, attention and patience she will be your best friend.


At Cat Rescue Wanaka, we have a dedicated volunteer Adoption Coordinator who helps to facilitate a good match between you and the kitty, with guidance from the foster parents who know their foster kitties the best. Not all of our cats and kittens are advertised, as many find their forever home from those people already registered with us as “Looking to Adopt”. If you would like to join this list, please fill out the contact form below, or email us.

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