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Thanks for interest in our kitties that are ready for adoption! The beautiful kitties on this page have been waiting the longest and would love to find their forever home soon. All our kitties have been neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and registered on the NZ Companion Animal Register. Thank you for understanding that to help us cover these costs, adoption fees apply.

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available for adoption


Female, approx DoB: March 2023

Oopsie is very relaxed, playful and cuddly. She is a loving and gentle girl who rolls over for full tummy and chest rubs. She is happy to “hold paws” with her foster mum, and follows her to the bathroom. Oopsie would be suited to a home with other cat-friendly pets as she likes to rub up against her cat and dog siblings, can cope with dogs playing, and will sometimes join in too. She can sometimes startle easily but calms straight away with reassurance. Overall, Oopsie is a little smoochy doll.


Female, approx Don: January 2023

Go with the Flow they say 😸 well have we got a treat for you 😻 this is Flow, a female Tabby that has been riding some pretty scary storms and now has caught the last wave to the finish line 😸 and now is ready for adoption. Her approx DoB is January 2023 and she is such the "lady" now, becoming really mature in her young age. She loves cuddles and coming to sit on you lap, but also loves the outdoors and going on adventures. She is great with kids and other cats. She would suit a family with a big garden to explore for sure.


Female, approx DoB : April 2023

A dainty wee kitten, with lots of energy to play and explore. Red and her siblings Amber and Purry, have come in to foster care at a very young ago. Her foster parents have enjoyed caring for them, and Red and her siblings have thrived in their care and are the cutest things going.


Female, approx DoB: April 2023

A beautiful wee kitten, with lots of energy to play and explore. Amber and her siblings Red and Purry, have come in to foster care at a very young ago. Her foster parents have enjoyed caring for them, and Amber and her siblings have thrived in their care and are the cutest things going.


Female, approx DoB: January 2023

Bella looks gorgeous and has a personality to match. She is 7 months old, loves a good morning cuddle and likes to go outside during the day, but happy to come in to warm up. Her favourite “toy” is a piece of wool dragged around. She loves cuddles and will join her human in the office if you let her. She loves watching the action in the kitchen!


Male, approx DoB: 2019

Personality plus! Super affectionate, loves cuddles and laps. A
beautifully marked spotty tabby, just look at that tummy. Adventurous,
energetic and very playful, pingpong balls a favourite but anything that
rolls, spins or jiggles amuses. House trained and not fussy about food.
Likes to be involved in what's going on around the house and is quite
the conversationalist!


Female, approx DoB: Feb 2023

She’s the sweetest tiny little girl with a big voice. 5 months old. She is nosy and brave. Loves company and cuddles. Wants to be held and smooched & enjoys sitting on top of your shoulders to see what’s going on. Will make the perfect wee friend for someone. Good with other cats but prefers people.

Atticus and Seb

Male, approx DoB: Dec 2022 and November 2022

Atticus (tabby) and Seb (ginger) are relaxed and darling 'Poorly Paws Boys'. Both arrived in foster care with paw injuries and have been keeping each other company while their paws healed. They have been star patients and are now definitely ready for their forever home. Atticus is a classic Otakou Tussock Cat (i.e. he has a tabby coat) but hybrid personality: he stretches his front paws onto his foster mum's leg so he can be picked up under the arms (like a toddler, minus the tantrums) and sinks into the cuddle (like a ragdoll), and just stays in the cuddle, content (like a koala). He is so loving and gentle and his favourite place is The Cuddle.
Seb is a bit more reserved, but also loves human company. He will sometimes just sit on the top of his tower purring as he watches what's going on. Due to his injury, the toes on his left paw are shorter than on the right - his mismatched, tubby ginger feet are pretty cute!
These boys have been on the Paw Ward for several months and are now finally looking for their forever home together. They will be a delight to have around the home.


Female, approx DoB: Feb 2023

Tippy, a former stray, is currently in foster care and looking for her forever home. This sweet little feline may appear timid at first, but once she warms up to you, she's an absolute cuddle bug. Tippy loves curling up in laps for cozy naps and has a lovely loud purr.
With her playful nature, Tippy is always ready for some fun and games. She'll keep you entertained with her energetic antics and curious exploration of her surroundings. She's playful, but not a fan of being picked up.
Tippy would thrive in a quiet home with someone who can provide her with lots of love and attention. If you're home most of the day and looking for a loyal companion, Tippy might be the perfect fit for you.


Female, Approx DoB Dec 2022

As first time fosters we have had a wonderful time watching Ravi grow and trust humans. From first looking at us with complete indignation and fear to now seeking pats and attention - we have loved watching her grow into a gorgeous loving kitten. Once she realises you are her person and safe you will be rewarded with a loud purr.
Ravi would make a lovely addition to any household. She is a very gentle soul - relatively quiet (she doesn't meow annoyingly for food or attention), non-aggressive to other cats, totally litter box trained, happy to go inside and outside and even has started following her foster mum on walks outside. She loves to be held, sit in your lap and belly and ear scratches. She is happy around other kitten's/cat's. She currently gets along very well with my other male kitten of a similar age.


At Cat Rescue Wanaka, we have a dedicated volunteer Adoption Coordinator who helps to facilitate a good match between you and the kitty, with guidance from the foster parents who know their foster kitties the best. Not all of our cats and kittens are advertised, as many find their forever home from those people already registered with us as “Looking to Adopt”. If you would like to join this list, please fill out the contact form below, or email us.

Please note we have the following requirements. You need to:

- Be in your own home or have written approval from your landlord/agent.

- Be a NZ citizen or have permanent NZ residency.

- Be at least 18 years of age.

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