Thank you so much for considering a rescue kitty, we really appreciate it.

We have currently rehomed all (but one very scared cat, who needs an extremely understanding home)

Our waitlist is currently quite full so we aren't taking anyone else at this stage.**

A few options we recommend at this time:

Try another Rescue in the area;

Queenstown Cat Resuce

QCR- Cromwell

QTCAT's (Also in Queenstown)

Or revisit us in a couple of weeks and keep up to date on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

***For our waitlist and any potential adoptions we require the following:

First of all, we just need to know if you are in your own home or renting. If renting, please get your landlord to email permission to this address. Also that you have permanent NZ residency. And who else is in your household - adults/ kids / other pets? This helps us to facilitate a good match.


Our adoption fee is $160- 180 (if one or both vax given)  to cover our vet expenses  as our kitties are vet checked, desexed, microchipped, registered on NZCAR, and vaccinated. If only first vax given, booster vax due a month later is at your own expense.


We request people to keep a new cat inside for two months, before letting out on short, supervised visits e.g. before a meal when they will want to come in for food. The cats can seem quite early on that they will come to you, but once outside they can behave differently and run and hide. We have had cats and kittens let out too early and have had to try and retrap them, with or without success. Two months may seem like a long time, but it saves a lot of stress in the long run. The SPCA recommends a similar time frame, and their website has good information on bringing a cat home (and introducing to other cats/dogs)  - well worth a read.